Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crankcase Debacle Re-up

In the new Dark of the Moon line, one of the Decepticons named Crankcase has been pretty popular lately.

Crankcase has some long middle fingers.  The figures of many have been found to have had there fingers clipped off into short stumps.

There are a couple of theories why.  Safety is one.  His fingers are made of hard plastic, so they would be sharp and could be a danger for kids.

Personally, I like the funnier route.  They've been clipped because Hasbro doesn't want to release a toy that flips the bird at everyone.

While it is possible tho get a Crankcase without clipped fingers, they are probably very rare however, I've never looked for one myself.

Recently (as in, like, today), another variant was found.  These new Crankcases have no clipped fingers but rather the remolded hands found on the Takara version.  Takara is the Japanese distributor of Transformers.

These hands were made without long middle fingers, so there is no need for clipping.

Personally, I want the one with the middle fingers.


  1. hmm to long finger or not to long finger

  2. haha i want one that flips people off too.

  3. Haha, finally a robot that can flip the bird to people haha :D