Friday, June 3, 2011

Those Kre-Os

I've always thought that Lego and Transformers were a great mix.  This years Kre-O sets got me very excited when I first heard about them, however I was disappointed when I found out that they were not truly transformable and were big ol' partsformers.

I've seen some awesome Lego Transformers, so it can be done.  Hasbro's attempt with these are very disappointing.  Personally, I find the designs poor and silly.  At least for the robot modes.

I'm leaning towards a complete disregard of these.  However, there are two saving graces for these new sets:

1. The Vehicle Modes Are Rather Nice
Some of them look fantastic.  The rest look okay.  If I were to pick any up, it would be for the vehicle modes.

2. The Minifigs
Actually, they're called Kreons.  That link there takes you to a pic on Seibertron showcasing a bunch of these little guys.  Turning to my experiences with Legos, I foresee that these will be really popular.

Maybe it isn't up to what I wanted, but as long as they're packed with those Kreons, I think that the new Kre-Os can do pretty well this year.

If I do get any at all, it'll be the big Optimus Prime.  I think that one looks the absolute best.


  1. I remember my lego collection. lost it a few moves ago sadly. These Kre-O things are way cool though.

  2. I love transformers, robots are always awesome. Those action figures are awesome! thanks for sharing.

  3. LEGO's used to be so fun when i was young but i still like them but they are so expensive now that i don't buy them.

  4. I actually pulled my LEGOs from my childhood out of storage while packing to move and ended up spending the whole day building stuff, then recreating it in Minecraft.. time well spent i'd say.

  5. I used to love LEGOs! Building things was my favorite thing to do as a kid next to video games.

  6. this completely makes sense to me xD, Transformers were meant to be with LEGOS. Always was a starwars lego fan though.